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Come and renew with the spirit of the Ardéchoise and discover or rediscover its high places and meet the other participants of the stays

What to expect

The Myrtilles cycling trip, starting from Saint-Félicien, will take you to the Ardéchoise Mountains for 4 days of change of scenery in the heart of the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Natural Park and its famous “sucs”.

After a first day where we will take some roads of the Ardéchoise, we will put our luggage down for 3 nights in a quality accommodation: Depending on the dates, it will be the Beauséjour hotel in Le Béage, the Auberge Chanéac in Sagnes-et-Goudoulet, the Au Parfum des Bois hotel in Saint-Cirgues en Montagne or the Hôtel du Nord in Sainte-Eulalie. We have carefully chosen these places for their comfort and authenticity where, in the evening, the chefs will have the pleasure to taste the local productions.

The circuits of the2nd and3rd day will allow everyone to ride according to their desires and their level. From 60 km to 100 km per day, there will be something for everyone!

Lovers of wide open spaces, this stay will delight you!

Attention, for the1st and the last day, the routes will be at least 90 km. There will be no variant with lower mileage.

Your Myrtilles cycling trip day by day

The Mézilhac pass, gateway to the Ardèche Mountains
90 km (1950 m), 100 km (2100 m)

The start of this Myrtilles cycling trip will be on a quiet road to reach Nozières via the Col de Fontfreyde. From Lamastre, the regular riders of the Ardéchoise will find their reference points with the villages of Nonières, Le Cheylard and the ascent to the Mezilhac pass. On arrival at the pass, you will see for the first time the Sucs and the Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc, a landscape that will accompany you for the next few days.

A little more effort to reach Lachamp-Raphaël, at 1330 m of altitude it is the highest village in the Ardèche.

You will then continue by a passage to the Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc, the occasion to fill the gourds in one of the sources of the Loire. Between the geographical spring, the real spring and the authentic spring, you have the choice!  From there, it is a trip of more than 1000 km that the Loire will travel before joining the Atlantic at Saint-Nazaire.

Profile of the 90 km trip

Borée, a village in the heart of the Sucs
60 km (1250 m), 85 km (1800 m), 100 km (2150 m)

Today, we will take you to Borée, one of our favourite villages!

Situated at the foot of several “sucs” and the Mont Mézenc, Borée is surrounded by a very rich natural heritage and offers magnificent landscapes. Whichever option you choose, you will have the opportunity to discover Borée from different angles. In particular, the view from the Ardéchoise pass, with the Tchier de Borée in the foreground.

A beautiful descent will lead you to Saint-Martial, whose lake is a very popular place on hot summer days. It is an artificial reservoir located on the site of an old volcano lake.

The return to the plateau is via one of the most beautiful roads in the region and the village of Saint-Andéol-de-Fourchades. The discovery of this isolated village in the middle of the Sucs will be a real surprise for you.

Profile of the trip 85km

A part of the Ardéchoise and the Barricaude pass
70 km (1300 m), 85 km (1650 m), 100 km (2000 m)

On the menu for this day, part of the Ardéchoise trip with the famous Barricaude pass.

Depending on your form of the day, several options are available to you to reach Burzet, the foot of this climb. It is at Lachamp-Raphaël, shortly after your departure that you will decide on your route.

The most courageous will return to the Col de Mezilhac to find the trips of the Ardéchoise and the Ardéchoise Vélo Marathon. On the descent to Laviolle and Antraigues-Sur-Volane, you will overlook the wild gorges of the Volane. The small passes of Aizac and Moucheyres will then lead you to Burzet.

The main circuit will pass through Freyssenet where you will join Burzet via the Moucheyres pass. This way you avoid the Aizac pass.

Those who choose the short trip will go directly to Burzet via Pereyres. Don’t forget to stop at the lookout of the Ray-Pic waterfall.

From Burzet, a regular climb awaits you to Sagnes-et-Goudoulet. We will then return by small roads via the villages of Usclades-et-Rieutord, and Cros-de-Géorand.

Profile of the trip 85 km

Le Haut-Lignon et la Haute-Loire
95 km (1300 m), 115 km (1600 m)

It is a last day in altitude that awaits you, because this return to Saint-Félicien will take place mainly between 1000 and 1400 m, via the Haute-Loire

We will start the day by crossing the Boutières cirque. The road to the foot of the Mezenc, which winds through the Sucs, offers panoramic views and magnificent sunrise.

We will enter the Haute-Loire at Fay-sur-Lignon before reaching the villages of Mazet-Saint-Voy and Chambon-Sur-Lignon, known for having taken in Jewish children during the Second World War.

Today, the Haut-Lignon is a popular holiday destination for tourists and locals alike during the summer months. With many rivers running through it, this plateau offers green landscapes and a welcome cool-down during the hot weather.

We will go back up the watershed before a diversion to Saint Bonnet le Froid which will bring back memories for rally car enthusiasts. The village is now famous among gourmets thanks to Régis and Jaques Marcon, and their table le Clos des Cimes, a 3*** restaurant.

Profile of the trip 95 km

The distances and elevation changes given may vary significantly depending on the accommodation. Refer to the GPS route that will be communicated to you.

* Depending on the weather conditions, the routes may be modified.

The different options for accommodation

11 rooms, 3 star rating

Showers or baths, WC, hair dryer
TV, telephone, WiFi in all rooms
Panoramic terrace and reading room
Bicycle garage
Drying room for equipment and clothing

15 rooms, 2 star rating

Showers or baths, WC in each room
Comfortable and cosy rooms
Quality catering with local and seasonal products
Bicycle garage

If you wish to arrive before or extend your stay at Myrtilles, the tourist office of Saint-Félicien is at your disposal to inform you about the accommodations in the area: – 04 75 06 06 12

Our evaluation

2 or 3* hotel
Nature, villages and panorama
Distance and altitude difference

During this Myrtilles bike trip, we invite you to discover local producers and their farms on the plateau: the Louvèche near Le Béage, Dominique Jouve’s farm near Sainte-Eulalie.

For the most courageous, it will be the ascent of the Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc after a visit to the producers’ market located at its foot.

Finally, Leon will show us around the Philip farm. Located at an altitude of 1330 m, this authentic 16th century farmhouse was classified as a Historic Monument in 2018. With its broom roof, it testifies to the peasant life of the past and the knowledge of the past.


The Boreas' Chest

L’Ere du Tchier de Borée is a contemporary megalithic creation inspired by Land Art and realized by 2 sculptors, Serge Boÿer and Fabienne Versé, in 2008.

This work forms a universal calendar made up of 70 stones, harmoniously planted in 12 triangles and 7 squares determining the 8 ratios of the divine proportion.

Each of these 70 stones has a name and a meaning. It is numbered for an esoteric and educational journey, where the cultural history of the Boutières highlands is told through nine themes: memory, reflection and philosophers, secrets and desires, travelers and pilgrims, astronomers and cartographers.

The rates

Stay in a room for 2 people:

  • Le Béage : 420
  • Sagnes and Goudoulet: 430 €.

Single room option :

  • Le Béage : 75
  • Sagnes and Goudoulet: 80€.

Cancellation option + 15 €.

3 nights in a 3* or 2* hotel

Half board + light lunch on the course

Welcome drink on the first evening

A coordinator present throughout your stay

GPS tracks of the courses we have created

Daily logs

Drinks during meals

Personal expenses during the stay

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