Who are we?

Those in charge of the famous cycling event“l’Ardéchoise“, with the help of the Tourism Development Agency and the General Council of the Ardèche, have decided to create the association “Sur les Routes de l’Ardéchoise”, in order to promote cycling tourism in the Ardèche.

“Sur les Routes de l’Ardéchoise” has developed progressively, and has created its own travel agency specialized in the organization of cycling trips.

Apart from the big annual gathering in June, we offer you the possibility to travel the local roads during small group trips, turnkey or à la carte, from March to October.

The Ardéchoise Autrement stays offer an all-inclusive formula: luggage transport, morning-midnight meals, quality hotels and supervision by experts in the field, road maps, GPS tracks… The limited size of the groups allows a nice conviviality.

SRA’s trips are aimed at members of groups who wish to ride with each other and build their own trips, with the help of specialists of the small roads and the Ardèche hotel park.