Frequently asked questions

It is normal that each registration must be done individually. If you are a couple or a group with other people, please provide us with this information in the “Additional Information” box of the registration form.

Please indicate your request in the “Additional Information” box of the registration form.

You can also participate in the stay as a companion. You will be free in the mornings and will participate in the activities with the other members of the group. On the itinerant trips (Myrtilles, Genêts), this means that you will have to take your car to get to your accommodation. The price for the accompanying person is identical to the price for the cyclists. You must register online by adding a comment.

Yes. “Group size is 8 to 15 people. So you can sign up and join a group that is forming.

Find in the page “Practical information” all the coordinates of the tourist offices.

We do not recommend renting an electric bike. You must know the use and autonomy of your equipment.

There is a main circuit and usually 2 variants: a shorter variant and a longer variant.

Yes, meals are all included with light lunches either on the course or upon arrival at the accommodation and dinners at the hotel or restaurant.

No, light meals will be taken at fixed locations, either on the course or upon arrival at the accommodation.

Subject to availability in the accommodation concerned, this is quite possible. Thank you for requesting it in advance, a discount may be granted.

Yes, this is quite normal. The credit codes transmitted by the Ardéchoise do not work on the Ardéchoise Autrement stays. If you wish to use the credit on one of our stays, please contact us and we will send you a new code.

You must enter the code integratability respecting the capitalization.

The Ardéchoise Autrement promo codes all have the same format: AA-digits-NAME (example: AA-1234-DUPONT)